Surplus cartridges

At Pyrolaser, we also buy surplus cartridges. Call or contact us by filling out our contact form with the models and quantities you have to sell and we will make you an offer.

Selling us your empty printer cartridges and unused new surplus cartridges is an easy way to cut expenses on your operating cost. Empty printer cartridges are used in various recycling programs and it’s a really good idea to recycle these products since are not very biodegradable.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of empty and surplus cartridges  are sent back to Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Sharp, Canon, Lexmark and others without compensation to the sender. Those cartridges are used in the manufacturers recycling program. NOW YOU CAN GET PAID FOR THOSE CARTRIDGES. We buy over 60 different models of empty cartridges and close to 150 surplus cartridges models.

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HP8543X surplus cartridges.

The payment options are the same as with empty cartridges. Check or Cash $$$